Become a Member – Club Info

The 2016 USAC membership fees are $100 plus $10 per person, and $200 for the NCQMA membership. USAC allows one alternate handler for FREE with each family membership, whereas NCQMA requires completion of a separate NCQMA membership application and a $25 fee for each alternate handler. NCQMA dues and any alternate handler fees must be paid separately this year via check or cash at NCQMA.

Steps to become a member of NCQMA:

Step 1

Go to the following website and follow the directions, selecting NCQMA as your home track, to complete the online USAC membership. This will allow you to complete your 2016 USAC membership paperwork and pay your USAC dues. You will receive an automated email confirmation of your registration from USAC.

Step 2

Please complete the following documents: NCQMA Application | NCQMA Zero Tolerance Policy | NCQMA Work Detail Policy | Publicity Authorization Form | Committee Commitment Form | Reserved Parking Fundraiser Form

Step 3

Provide a copy of any new driver’s birth certificate. ( If we already have a copy of the birth certificate from last year, you do not need to provide another copy.)

Step 4

Please bring completed documents, copies of necessary birth certificates, and the reserved parking space fee of $50, if participating in the Parking Fundraiser, to NCQMA for processing OR mail all paperwork and check made out to NCQMA to:

Kim Hodge
713 Teeter Rd
Mooresville, NC 28115

Do not mail membership paperwork to BLE.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact any of the NCQMA Board of Directors or Race Day Officials.

To ask questions, connect with other members and get help, be sure to join our NCQMA Families Facebook group.

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